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How to Register a Domain Name for Your Internet Business

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your address on the web, like


Any person in the world with access to the Internet can type your domain name in a web browser and access your website.


Domain names are usually the name of the Internet Business or a combination of keywords that people type in the search engines. 


The How to Register a Domain Name session will guide you through the steps to registering your domain name.


Already familiar with domain names?


Go to to register your domain name.



If you're not familiar with domain names, follow the How to Register a Domain Name tutorial below.



how to register a domain nameTUTORIAL: How to Register a Domain Name for Your Internet Business


First Step

1).  Decide on a domain name for you internet business.  Well known companies and local small businesses (brick and mortar) use their company name as their domain name like or 


An Internet business owner who wants to get traffic (visitors to his/her site) from the Web should include the keywords of the type of internet business that you want to start in your domain name.


How to Register a Domain Name EXAMPLE:


Let’s say that you sell mystery books and you want to name your Internet Business


People who are online shopping for mystery books are shopping with the intent to locate and order mystery books online. Your domain name should include keyword that describes what people are searching for or wanting to do online.


Example of a keyword domain name: or


Now, the above examples are for Internet Business owners who want to receive traffic from the search engines (i.e., Yahoo, MSN etc.).  


Some Internet business owner create a name for their Internet business that doesn't include keywords that people are searching for in search engines.


It’s ok for Mike to include his actual business on the web pages, but keep in mind that people aren’t online searching for Mikes Mystery Books.  


If your business is established off the internet and you offer a local service or products to people offline you’ll want to register your actual business name like or


Already decided on your domain name?


If yes, go to register your domain, if not, keep reading.



Registering a Domain Name Steps


The first step to launching your Internet Business is to register your Internet Business domain name. A domain name could end in .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .tv, and more.


The most common extensions are .com and .net. Non-profit organizations usually use .org. 


There are two steps to registering a domain name.


STEP-1: Decide on your domain for your website.


STEP-2: Go to to register your domain name. You will first need to do a search to check to see if your domain name is available.


When registering your domain name you may want to put dashes between domain names that are at least three words or more.  You may also want to include dashes if the domain name is hard to read.


Example: (No dashes) (With dashes)


The domain name version with dashes may make it easier to read your domain name. Some Internet business guru’s say’s that the three word version with dashes could help a site to get ranked high in the search engine results (i.e. and etc.). 


I have a few sites that have three words domain names and they rank high in the search engines with no dashes.


If you do decide to register a .com that has three words with dashes in the domain name be sure to save the domain name without dashes as well.





internet_business_triaining_programTo protect your website’s traffic you should save all domain extensions if your budget permits. Save .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .tv . This helps to prevent someone else from registering your domain name. You can redirect the additional extensions to your main website.


This step is not mandatory. It simply helps you to protect your main domain name.




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