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Finding a Web Host

In Step 1 you learned how to register a domain name.


If you missed Step-1 and have yet to register a domain name go back to the Register a Domain Name page. Step 1 is an important step of developing your Internet business. Completing this step will help you start your Internet business the right way.


If you’ve already registered your domain name continue with Step 2, finding a web host below.




What is a web host?


A web host is an Internet company that allows individuals and companies to use space on their servers so that the individuals and companies websites could be access by others on the World Wide Web.


In addition to space on a server, the web host offers its customers email accounts like the exaxples below:


A web host also offers many tools, tutorials and customer service support.  Finding a web host is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and could become frustrating for a beginner.


To help save you time and prevent you from getting frustrated, I’ve listed the web host that are used by many Internet business owners. I use a few listed below for my own sites and many of my clients who hire me for Internet business consultation or training.





You cannot launch a website that you will "own" without first purchasing a hosting account.

My Finding a Web Host Tutorial will help you select a web host for your Internet business.



finding a web hostTUTORIAL: Finding a Web Host


There are different types of web hosts offering many different services. Finding the right web host is one of the most important steps you will take during this process.


I’m here to help you find a web host for your Internet business.


Below are a few options for you to choose from based on the type of website you would like to launch.






If you are going to build your website on your own without the help of a Web Designer I recommend the web hosts listed below.


Both of the do-it-yourself Web Hosting companies offer user-friendly tools for beginners, including website builders, email accounts and more. 


Option-1  Website Tonight!


Website Tonight is a web host that offers a user-friendly website builder.  You don’t need to have any technical experience. Website Tonight is good for simple information websites or company service websites.


Around $7.95 per month

View Website Tonight! Video Tutorial

Sign up to Website Tonight



Option 2:  SiteBuildIt!


SiteBuildIt! is known as the web host company who could help Internet business owners make money online. SiteBuildIt! is a web host that includes a website builder tool. 


Their user-friendly website builder tool is used by Internet Business owners who want to create their own websites.


The websites that are created with SiteBuildIt! are usually information based websites (i.e. websites that offers information on services, places, things, products etc.). 


You don’t need to have technical experience. SiteBuildIt! includes a user-friendly website builder which is a GREAT feature. You can begin building your website right now!  It also includes training manuals, email accounts and many more support tools for the Internet business owners.


Around $25 per month (prepaid annually).

This is the web host company that many successful Internet business owners use to launch and manage their websites.  SiteBuildIt! is worth every penny.


Watch videos posted by SiteBuildIt! customers



Web Host To Use If You Hire a Web Designer (Do-It-For-Me)




PowWeb offers a $7.77 per month plan (prepaid annually). They give you a lot of space to do many things with your website (information, videos, audio, photos, shopping cart etc.). 


This PowWeb plan includes 20,000 MB of disk storage, 650 email addresses and 400 GB of data transfer per month. PowWeb offers support, by email, live-chat and toll-free telephone support.


PowWeb also offers online tutorials that are great for beginners to Internet business.  They also offer an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on their website. If you are new to web hosting services, these tutorials and FAQs are helpful when setting up your site.


Around $7.77 per month (prepaid annually).

This web host company is also very popular. Powweb offers Internet business owners what they need to successfully launch their websites.  


Go to PowWeb




Option 4: Budget Host! by offers low cost hosting for those who don’t need a website building tool. If you already own a website builder like CoffeeCup or Dreamweaver it’s ok to use a low cost host like Budget Host.



The plan starts at only $4.95 per month.  It comes with many great tools and you can create shopping cart and forum and many other features to your website.




Option 5: - Professional Web Designer and Hosting Service Services will create a turn-key Web site for you that will reflect your business needs and dreams. The Webmasters (known as Specialists) use the proven Site Build It! system to build top-quality, professional-looking Web sites at a competitive price.


Cost: Begins at $1,599 for Web Building services

Hosting: $49 per month

SiteSell Services specializes in working with you to deliver traffic-generating, income-producing results.


Go to for more info


Have No Idea Which Web Host to Choose?


I’ve listed a long list of web hosting companies above. 


Just like every website is different and offers different information and features, every web hosting company is different and offers different solutions.


Below is a summary of the recommend web hosts:


Website Tonight! Is a do-it-yourself user-friendly hosting that includes a website building tool for individuals and companies who want to get online fast. The cost begins at $7.95 per month.


SiteBuildIt! is good for beginners to Internet business. It’s the perfect host for Internet business owners who are re serious about starting an internet business and generating profits online. SiteBuildIt! comes with many cool features and is a one-stop-shop for launching a website.


The plan includes web hosting,  a domain name, a web page builder tool, search engine tools (i.e. helps you show up on the and search results pages), ranking reports, marketing help and many easy to follow tutorials.


SBI! Is template based so you basically select a template and add your content. No technical HTML skills needed with SBI.


Plan to Hire a Web Designer or build your site yourself using a Website Builder like CoffeeCup or Dreamweaver?



If you are planning to hire someone to help you or build your website yourself with CoffeeCup or Dreamweaver you just need web hosting that doesn’t include a website builder.  Below are a few hosting companies that most Internet business owners are using:


Powweb Host

PowWeb offers a $7.77 per month plan (prepaid annually) that comes with a lot of disk storage space (20,000 MB).  Powweb does not offer a website builder so you will need to use a web page builder like CoffeeCup to create your website.  The benefit of this web host is all the space they offer for websites that have videos, audio, photos and ecommerce  on the website.


Budget Host! by

Use Budget Host by WeberMall if you already have a web page builder like
For:  Hosting only. No website builder tool.  The plan starts at only $4.95 per month.  It comes with many great tools and you can create shopping cart and forum and many other features to your website. - Web Design + Web Hosting

Use Web Design and web hosting service if you want a professional Web Designer to build your website.



Recommended Web Host For Beginners


You can’t go wrong with any of the web hosts listed in this tutorial.


They offer different services and features based on the needs of the Internet business owner.

I recommend SiteBuildIt! for beginners to Internet business.


It’s a one-stop hosting company with a web page builder, training tutorials, marketing tools, page ranking tools and more. SiteBuildIt! offers everything a beginner to Internet business needs to create, launch, grow and earn from an Internet business.


The main benefit of SiteBuildIt! is that they are on your team. This web host helps you make money. The purpose of an Internet business is to make money right?


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to use a tool that assists you with the process of making money online.

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