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How to Choose an Internet Business Idea

Choose the topic of your Internet Business carefully


Welcome to my Internet Business ideas page! Here you will find tips and a tutorial that will help you to choos an Internet business idea. Keep in mind that an Internet business is a REAL business. You’ll want to choose your Internet Business idea carefully.


Tips to choosing an Internet business idea...


1. Have an interest in the Internet business topic that you select


While there are thousands of Internet business ideas for you to select from, be sure to have an interest in the Internet business topic that you choose. Having an interest in the Internet business that you select will motivate you to do the work needed to generate profits and an income from your business.


2. Plan to make a profit and earn money from your Internet business


Your Internet business should be profitable. It should be a business that you could start that could earn you money from products, a service or by placing ads on your website (i.e. Google adsense ads etc.).


3. Use your knowledge, skills, hobby or interest to come up with an idea for an Internet business

You should have knowledge in the topic or Industry of your Internet business.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that everyone should know a little something about everything.  When it comes to an Internet business you should be familiar with the topic and/or Industry or have a strong interest in learning about it.


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Internet Business Ideas: The easiest way to choose a niche


Let’s say that you are a dog lover and you own a poodle. You’ve decided to start your own Internet business that will be used by poodle owners. You know from owning a poodle for over 10 years that poodles like certain types of dog food. You also know from chatting in dog lover forums online that there is a certain vitamin that helps poodles to have a thick shiny fur.  You remember the days when your poodle would sit on your sofa and leave her fur behind but she now loves to sit on her own doggy sofa (yes, there are sofa’s for pets). You spend countless hours on online forums sharing tips, advice and information about poodles.


Question…  Why not start an Internet business that offers everything for poodles?


The above example lists one example of what you could offer at no cost and at least 3 products that could be promoted or sold on your website. There are thousands of additional pet products that could be promoted on a poodle website.



Offered at no cost to poodle owners:    




Products sold for profits:  


Dog food - $10 a bag

Vitamins - $8+

Dog Sofa - $39+              



    Internet Business Ideas Test


    This example listed a place that you could go to get information to put on a poodle, pet or dog related site.



    Where could the owner of a poodle website go to get up to the minute information for a poodle website?



    Pet Forums

    Yes, there are thousands of pet and poodle lovers on forums who offer valuable information, tips and suggestions. You could put your own ideas on your site. You could also study and learn from pet books as well as ask questions on forums on sites with real pet owners on it.


    A pet or poodle lover could easily start an Internet business based on something that they have a strong interest in …PETS!


    Pick a niche within a niche

    The topic pet is a niche. The topic poodle is a niche within a niche.

    Narrow down the competition online. Yes, other people will compete with you for online profits which is normal in business (i.e. Pepsi competes with Coke and Wal-Mart competes with Kmart etc.). You could have a least competitive niche by focusing on niche within a niche.



    What is the niche that we've selected in this tutorial?



    Poodle pet care  



    How many poodle owners are there in the World? Tons of them! How many of the poodle pet owners are online searching for poodle related information, products and services?


    At least 30,000+ per month. An Internet business for poodles could receive over 30,000+ web surfers to it's website. Now, this could be a profitable business for a pet owner who adores poodles.


    The pet industry may not be the industry for you. That's understandable. I'm not recommending this Internet business model. I'm just giving you an example of how to come up with an Internet business idea of your own.


    Do what YOU love!


    We are in the information age. Hundreds of millions of people go online for products, services and INFORMATION. 


    Why not offer information and
    services to people who are looking for it?


    When you visit a website of any kind from weight-loss, dating tips to hair care, remember, there is a company or an individual who came up with the idea for the website.


    More than likely that website is set up as an Internet business to make the website owner money.


    Why not YOU?

    It's now your turn to get online. Remember the key to your success is to start a website that’s in a niche that you have a strong interest in. Also, make sure that the niche is not over saturated.


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    So, you may be thinking...


    "Ok, I have the information because I own a poodle and know a lot about dogs but I don't have the cash to invest in products to sell on my website. This idea is not going to work for me."


    internet business ideasI'm here to tell you... YES you can start an Internet business that shares information about poodles AND you can offer products for sale.


    No need to order products. No need to go out and buy boxes to ship the products. You could become an affiliate marketer and simply promote dog related products that are sold by store like


    If you want to run your own online store that is possible as well. You could join a drop shipping program where customers place orders on your website and the products are stored and shipped out by a drop shipping company.


    Anything is possible online.


    My reason for sharing this example is to help you open your mind to the unlimited Internet business opportunities that the Internet offers.


    Internet Business Ideas: From A to Z!


    Need help coming up with an Internet business idea? Go here to view a complete list of Internet Business Ideas from A to Z!





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