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How to Start an Internet Business

My How to Start an Internet Business steps are listed below. The list of steps will give you a brief overview of the basic steps you will need to take to start your Internet Business.


Each step listed includes a link to the corresponding tutorial.


Most Internet Business owners follow the same "basic" pre-launch steps when starting an Internet business. These basic steps must be taken in order to get a website and Internet Business online.


Follow the list of steps and take your time.


Remember, each step conveniently links to more information. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed by all of the information that I'm sharing with you. You are building a business online. Your business will be an asset that you will own.


Each step you take will get you closer to your goal of launching an Internet Business.



First scan the list then visit the free tutorials in the order listed below.


It may look like there is a lot to learn. Don't worry because I guide you through the process. Yes folks this is a process. Websites and successful Internet businesses are not built overnight.


A baby has to crawl before it can walk. You are new at this web stuff. So first learn how to crawl. Then we'll get you to walking. After you successfully walk through the steps I want to see you running your business.


In other words, go through the steps at your own pace.



Bookmark This Website




Take a second to bookmark Internet Business Trainer by placing the mouse over the yellow bookmark box above and select where you want to save the site to.


There is a lot of information on this website. Bookmarking this site will help you to return later to complete the steps or to review the steps again if you need a refresher.


Remember every step you take will get you closer to being a successful Internet Business owner.


Return to my "How to Start an Internet Business" page often to be sure that you didn't miss any steps.


Now, let's get you into business. Take a moment to review the steps...



Starting an Internet Business - Step by Step



STEP-1: Pick a Niche

Decide what type of Internet Business you want to start.


Select an Internet Business Niche. The best niches are usullay niches that you are familiar with. You could build a website based on your favorite hobby or your current job skills. You already have the knowledge about your hobby and work/job skills. Share your skills on the web and earn an extra income from it.


STEP-2: Register the Domain Name(s)

Your domain name is your address on the web. You want your domain name to be easy for surfers to remember and to relate your Internet business.


Learn how to register a domain name


STEP-3: Finding a Web Host

Some website builders come with hosting, like SiteBuildIt. If you don’t plan to use SiteBuildIt view our list of Web Hosting companies that we recommend.


Learn more about finding a web host


STEP-4: Build a Website

Build your website yourself using SiteBuildIt, a website builder. You can also use a web design software like CoffeeCup or Dreamweaver.  I own both but use Dreamweaver because I have advanced web building skils. CoffeeCup is good for beginnerss who have no technical background or experience. However, SiteBuildIt! (SBI) is also great for beginners. SBI! gives an Internet Business owners more than just a website builder. SBI! gives Internet Business owners everything they need to get online the right way.


If you don't want to build your website yourself you can hire a professional Web Designer at


Go here to learn about the most popular build a website yourself tool


STEP-5: Build A Store

If you plan to launch a store you could order an eCommerce store builder from a large company like Yahoo Stores, Amazon WebStore or eBay Stores. You can learn how to build your store yourself or you can pay a Web Designer to build the store for you.


Learn how to build a Yahoo e-Store


STEP-6: Accept Payments

If you need to collect payments for a service or only want to sell a few items on your site use Pay Pal.


Wondering how does PayPal work? Go here to Learn more


STEP-7: Add Features to Your Website

There are many easy-to-use products and tools that could enhance your website.  Think of cool websites that you’ve used that offered great features like forums or newsletters. Add some of those features to your website.


A few website enhancer's are listed below:



Have you subscribed to a websites newsletter or became a member of a forum? If you have, you've more than likely received a THANK YOU for joining email or SUBSCRIPTION CONFIRMATION email? Your Internet Business can offer the same features. is an auto-responder communication company that offers this service. 


Their service is so easy to use. I use to automate all of my websites. I highly recommend this web tool.


Learn more about


Newsletter is what most Internet Business owners are using to publish and send out Newsletters to their mailing list.


Learn more



You can create a free blog on  The free blogger accounts have their pro’s and their con’s. There is also free open source blogging software that you can download. offers a free to use blog system. They also have many cool templates for free.


Learn more about

Learn more about


A Forum

A forum is a message board where visitors to your site could post messages and have discussions with each other. There are free forum scripts out there, however,  a beginner who doesn't have web technical experience may need to hire a Web Designer to install and customize the script.


Finda a Web Designer for hire at


 A Social Community

Yes, you can start your own social community online. There are many Web Developers and Web Designers who can develop and launch your social community for you.


Visit RentACoder.comto find a Web Coder to help you develop your social community.




If you want to enhance your website by adding features like a forum, blog or social community you can find a web designer or web developer at


Learn more about



Remember One Step at a Time!


For now, I want you to focus on STEP-1 through STEP-4.


Then take a look at STEP-5 through STEP-7.


All of this information may be overwhelming to a beginner to Internet Business. 


Remember that it takes time to get all of the stuff. Take it one step at a time.  Rome was not built in a day. My How to Start an Internet Business page was created to give you a brief overview of the process that most Internet business owners go through prior to launching their websites.


Refer back to this page often.


Like any business online or offline, it takes time build and grow a business. With the right support, information and tools you should reap the rewards from the efforts you take in building your Internet Business.


Get excited because you are going into business!





internet_business_triaining_programIf you are not really interested in running an Internet Business and you want to make extra money online you could purchase domain names and park them on your own money making website.


How This Works:


Go to to register your domains then go to to park the new domain names. Visit to learn more about their user-friendly parking page builder and how people are generating an income from parked domain names.


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